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About us

The Company KONSTALEX Ltd. began its business operation in 1993 which continued production range of the Steel Structures Manufacturing Plant "Mostostal" in Radomsko.

The Company has been present on the market for several years and extended its activity all over the country and also gained good reputation on European and world markets.

Our production plant has load lifting capacities to 70 ton and can process elements of dimensions 4x5x40m. Moreover it has a large production and warehouse area of over 23 000 m². With such capacities the company specialises in production of heavy steel structures for power generation industry and bridge constructions. Additionally the company makes light structures for general building industry and single or reproducible units, which are made according to the Buyer's design documentation and in accordance with PN or DIN EN ISO quality standard requirements.

To meet requirements of our customers we offer high quality of our products and services as well as modern workmanship technologies. This is achieved thanks to our experienced and specialised staff as well as machine facilities being continuously upgraded.

We are committed to the highest quality of our products and satisfaction of our Customers.

We invite to learn more about our offer in particular ranges of products presented on this website.