State of the art, steel structures

Welded I-sections

Our offer for fabrication of welded steel structural shapes

KONSTALEX Ltd. in Radomsko is offering prefabrication of steel columns and T-shaped or H-shaped girders - in a wide variety of dimensions - having a number of applications to industrial and civil building engineering (information of the full range of dimensions and shapes enclosed).

We make the products with welding machine of the Swedish firm "Granges" which provides high quality for the products.
We prefabricate using our own or customer's materials.

Time-limits for prefabrication:

using our own materials - within 21 days (if possible-the shorter time)- after all materials are completed,
using customer's materials - as soon as possible.

Automatic welding machine IT-207A of Granges make
Length range for fabricated welded steel structural shapes