State of the art, steel structures


Machining operations are performed by the large size CNC controlled boring and milling machine UNION BFP 130 additionally equipped with the rotary table Ti800. This machine is able to perform the following technology processes: boring, reaming, rough boring of holes with roll head using interpolation function, precision boring, face milling, side milling of slots, tapping and flange facing from support to facing.

Technical specifications of the machine and table:

  • type: boring and milling machine UNION BFP 130 CNC
  • spindle diameter: 130 mm
  • control: Heidenhein TNC 320
  • working range:
    - X: 10800 mm
    - Y: 3500 mm
    - Z: 420 mm
    - W (spindle stroke): 900 mm
    - U (head slide for facing): 320 mm.
  • dimension of the rotary table:
    - width: 1800 mm
    - length: 2000 mm
    - turn: 4x900
    - table feed: 1250 mm
    - carrying capacity: 12 500 kg