State of the art, steel structures

Technical measurements

KONSTALEX Ltd. in Radomsko is equipped with the laser tracker which has possibility to measure of technical elements.


Laser tracker - is a portable measurement device that uses a laser beam for making precise measurement and control in a spherical measuring area up to 160 m.


Our company possesses the Laser tracker  Omnitrac2 of API Company.

Laser tracker Omnitrac2 is a wireless device what enables full mobility.

Its solid structure facilitates work in difficult conditions.



Measure range

Linear range (Diameter):                      200 m (with specific mirros)

                                                                  160 m  

System parameters

Horizontal range:                                  ± 320º  (640º full range)

Vertical range:                                       + 79º  / - 59º

Angle resolution:                                   ± 0.018  arc second

Angle accuracy:                                     ± 18 + 5 ppm

Battery working time:                           6 hours


Line length measurement

Scope                                       Accuracy ADM2 MPE

  (m)                                                         (mm)

    2                                                           0,018

2 to 80                                                     0,135



Tracker weight :                                    10,9 kg

Tracker dimensions:                             h 43 cm  x b 19,8 cm