State of the art, steel structures

Container semi-trailers

Prexor G 10102 trailer is intended for transportation of containers in the following configuration:

  • one 40' container (also High Cube)
  • two 20' containers
  • one 20' container in central location

Rear portion of trailer is equipped with a segmented loading / unloading plate
Special low construction of the frames as well as low suspension allows for transporting High Cube containers, without exceeding tolerance. An additional feature of the trailer is its low net weight.
Prexor trailer complies with all international transport requirements. It is equipped with side skirting and ABS braking system, also with automatic brake power regulator ALB and automatic brake jaw regulator.


Net weight: 5.800 kg
Working load: 30.700 kg
Fifth - wheel coupling pressure: 12.500 kg
Wheel base: 1.310 mm
Wheel track: 2.040 mm
Tyres: 385/65 R 22,5
Electrical inst.: voltage 24V

Dimensions (max.):
lenght: 12.700 mm
width: 2.500 mm
fifth wheel coupling height: 1.150 mm
platform height: 1.150 mm


Three-axle pneumatic (on air bellows) BPW suspension, the body can be lifted or lowered, optional 1st axle lifting mechanism.

The body lifting or lowering valve

Front axle lifting valve

BPW 3 x 9 tons. ECO-TRONIC with automatic brake jaw clearance AGS regulators.

Braking system:
Pneumatic, two-way with ABS, automatic brake power regulator ALB. Parking screw brake.

Parking brake (screw)

Automatic brake power regulator

The construction welded of steel of enhanced resistance. Container locks of JOST make. The rear part of the trailer is equipped with a plate made of chequer sheets for loading and unloading goods using a fork-lift truck. The trailer is equipped with a rear protection beam, bumper and side shields. These parts have separate official certification (homologation).

Container lock of double action

Slant lock

Coupling bolt and saddle plate:
Two seats of the coupling bolt are incorporated into the saddle (fifth wheel) 12mm plate make JOST KZ-1012 to enable shifting the bolt by 300mm.

Front supports:
Telescopic hand driven gear of JOST make.

Electrical installation:
Voltage 24V. 5 segment HELLA lamps with rear light. Two connection sockets and ABS socket. Additional direction indication lamps in the side shields.

Additional equipment:
Wings (6 pieces) made of plastic with mud shields for rear wheels. Spare wheel box. Wheel blocking wedges. Tool box optional.

Single colour acrylic paints - RAL colours. Wheel rings - silver.

The trailer protected against corrosion by first layer - ground layer.

The trailer protected against corrosion by first layer - ground layer.